MUSA is Made in the United States of America

MUSA is Made in the United States of America
Summer 13 Collection

Today, MUSA drops its Summer 13 collection inspired by issues such as religion, hatred, ownership and tragedies in American culture. MUSA is the acronym for Made in the United States of America and embraces and exploits American pop-culture, politics and propaganda without cultural barriers. MUSA seeks to influence positive change through giving voice to matters that may be uncomfortable for the institutions, but are crucial for the individual citizen.

Lead by industry veteran, Brian Jones who’s been a skateboarder for over 25 years and past history includes lead marketing roles for brands such as Altamont, Emerica, éS (R.I.P.), Zero, Fallen and Mystery. Brian started MUSA earlier this year as a way to drive attention to American issues and to support the American worker by producing and selling American made products.

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