Product Of The Month & What We Like: October 2013

Product Of The Month

Asphalt Yacht Club

Most people would never associate yachting with skateboarding, and indeed the two, at face value, have little to nothing to do with one another. But this ironic juxtaposition of terms is exactly what Asphalt Yacht Club captain and pro Stevie Williams had in mind when he was drafting names for this new company. Asphalt Yacht Club sits at the crossroads of the low life and the high life—it’s where the gritty city streets meet the marble floors of luxury. It’s a rags-to-riches story, and for pros and brand partners including Stefan Janoski, Nyjah Huston and Justin Figueroa along with ams Ben Nordberg, Riley Hawk, Derrick Wilson, and Blake Carpenter, it’s very much their story through skateboarding—as it is anyone’s story who has ever started from the bottom to achieve their goals and aspirations at the top.—Cullen Poythress

Photos / Blair