Willis Kimbel: The Quiver

“A buddy needed a Creature board for his son. He owns a very small company called ‘Cold War’ out of Portland. And before I skated for Creature, this guy, his name’s Grover, he wanted to sponsor me. I was so hyped. He didn’t give me a board yet but he gave me two shirts. He hooked me up, then Creature hooked me up and I had to tell him. I felt so bad, I was like ‘Dude, I can’t do it.’ He was cool with that. Then a couple years later he was like ‘What do I gotta do to get a Creature board?’ and I was like ‘What do I gotta do to get a Cold War board?’ So we traded. It’s got a Falcons and Cardinals sticker on there from the quarter machine, I fucking hate both those teams. That one’s actually got a lot of miles on it.” – Willis Kimbel