Willis Kimbel: The Quiver

“This is a board that was made by one of my dad’s old buddys from the 70s who was super into slalom racing. He made me this board for my height and weight for slalom. I won’t deny it, I back slalom a little bit. If I’m gonna have 20 boards, I’ve got to have at least one slalom board. Technically I’m the reigning World Skater Cross Champion of slalom [laughs]… I was super broke. I was living with Gravette. I hitch hike down to this race. I rode my normal board, I didn’t even ride a slalom board. They had all these jump kicker ramps and cones. It was the weirdest track. I ended up winning it. I won five grand and I got this six-foot tall trophy and it says I’m world champ and shit [laughs]. It was one of the best days of my life and it slalom so fuck it, I got a slalom board.” – Willis Kimbel