Willis Kimbel: The Quiver

“Those riser pads are actually made of skateboard. Peter Gunn, he made those. He would cut around the bolt holes and sand them down and make risers out of old skateboards. I saw those, and I was tinkering at the workbench, and I was like ‘I want to use those right now. Since he made the risers, I’m gonna make a skate board.’ The wood was just already in that shape as is. The 2×4 in the back, I just cut to fit and then cut it long ways to make it a triangle. 215s looked good so I just threw ‘em on there. I remember I didn’t have any hardware long enough to go through it so I just screwed drywall screws from the bottom up through the top and just hammered ‘em side ways. There way no grip tape, there was just bent over screws with little threads. I ended up skating that at Burnside for at least a week. That thing was fun. I always thought it was going to fall apart while I was skating it. It was extreme paranoia. I had just hammered the screws in, they were pretty much broken. I didn’t expect them to last as long as they did.” – Willis Kimbel