Willis Kimbel: The Quiver

“One day when I was broke, again, I went into my garage and was like ‘What can I do?’ It’s pouring rain. I’d applied to jobs and hadn’t heard anything back. I said fuck it, and I took my skateboards, sanded ‘em, and put chalked board and magnetic paint over it. Then I took a tail from another board and screwed it in as a shelf. It was like this chalkboard memo station made out of recycled board. I ended up getting it patented and everything and it’s all my idea. It’s called the ‘Rip Writer.‘ That board was in the stack of boards that were sanded and ready to become a chalkboard. I re-looked at it, because I was going through a Jason Jessee phase, and was like ‘Oh my God, I need that.’ So that’s why it’s all wood grain like that. I actually showed up for a Creature tour on that and that thing went all the way from San Diego to Florida and back. It was in the graveyard. Double graveyard. Graveyard to embalmed and then brought back.” – Willis Kimbel