Ryan Sheckler bounced back from an injury-induced 8th place at the Right Guard Open to claim 1st at this weekend’s Wendy’s Invitational in Portland. That’s quite the feat and whatnot, but here’s what I want to know: “Where the f**k was Koston?!?”


1) Ryan Sheckler90.1
2) Paul Rodriguez87.25
3) Greg Lutzka86.45
4) Chaz Ortiz85.7
5) Kurtis Colamonico83.65
6) Austen Seaholm79.7
7) Chris Mendes 77.25
8 Danilo do Rosario 76.5
9) The Breeze75
10) Danny Fuenzalida 71.75

Click here for the current 2008 AST Dew Tour standings.