Dennis’ dog Gary joined us on our Skate & Create odyssey and like so many notable dogs of the past (Spuds MacKenzie, the “Yo Quiero Taco Bell!” dog, etc.), it was shocking to find out that Gary is, in fact, a girl. In the same way a young kid may have wondered how, exactly, Spuds was supposed to be getting down with all the babes clinging off his Hawaiian shirt, I was baffled by yet another case of K-9 gender confusion. So, I had Dennis explain how the name came about and what Frank Gerwer had to do with it…

Your dog’s name is Gary. Could you tell me about how that name came about?
Well, I was pretty green behind the ears on the first skate trip I ever went on with Deluxe, so everyone would kind of f—k with me. They’d make up shit and I’d believe them, because I was so naïve. So, Frank Gerwer was telling me about this incredible skater named Gary Headlock that was doing the craziest shit that nobody had ever heard of and he had a sidekick named Ducky Donzworth, I think. And, they’d tell me Gary was doing stuff like switch 360 flip frontside crooked grinds down an eight-stair handrail and it was the opener in the newest 411VM. I just hadn’t seen it yet, so the dumb kid that I was, I was like, “What the f—k? No way! That’s so gnarly.” I don’t believe anything Frank tells me now, but Gary Headlock has remained this infamous, fictitious ripper joke now.

So, how did you choose that as the name for your dog?
I just thought the name was always funny, so when I wanted to get a dog that was the name I wanted. I went in there and saw the litter and Gary was the coolest one.

But, Gary is in fact a girl, right?
Yeah, we didn’t quite realize that she was a girl, but we wanted her, so we just said f—k it and went with the name Gary. It didn’t really matter.

It’s interesting, because in some ways, both Garys are deceptions. Gary Headlock didn’t exist and Gary is actually Gary the Girl. They’re both an illusion in one way or another.
I get what you’re saying. Gary the Girl is definitely more real though [laughs]. The skater is completely make-believe. In some ways, Gary Headlock exists to some extent. He’s just the new hot-shit ripper that everybody’s yappin’ about that nobody really knows that well. Some new person comes along and fills Gary’s spot. Like, it seems like Cory Kennedy is so good, he’s like a Gary Headlock. Now it’s that dude Nugget, I guess. Everyone’s blown away by him. It’s always been like that, even before the Internet—just some kid doing retarded shit that’s almost unbelievable. So, in some ways, both Garys are kind of illusions, but they’re also very real. There’s always some sort of Gary Headlock and, even though Gary the Girl’s a girl, he’s still Gary.

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