Agency Thursdays: Lafayette Quarterpipe Sesh/Bust

Agency Thursdays: Lafayette Quarterpipe Sesh/Bust
Thursday, June 10th 2010
The old legendary wave quarterpipes at the LA Superior Court have been a known quick bust since Lance Mountain and company hit them up in Future Primitive. With the recent addition of the Lafayette Skate Plaza (Can we stop calling it Carl’s Jr park yet?) just down the block, most of LA’s self respecting skaters have now learned as much on their own. In that vein, Clint, Pastras, T Karr, and Gareth Stehr can be caught here doing exactly what anybody that has ever been there has probably done—get a quick one or two hits in before the inevitable toss by the man. In this instance however, the man turned out to be rather clip worthy himself. See you next week.