Ben Horton Art Show

Self Storage
Art Exhibition by Ben Horton
at Nine Star West LA

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 5th, 8pm

Meet the artist and enjoy food, drinks, and music by DJ Hapa

Ben Horton first gained notoriety through graphics he created for skateboard decks (currently he does graphic work for Black Box)—himself a skateboarder. Horton’s ideas come from photographs and his life experiences. The people that inhabit Horton’s canvases have an indefinable connection, something gleaned from their expressions or eyes. There is richness and a familiarity in his cast of characters. Birds are a common theme, swooping and soaring throughout the foregrounds and backgrounds of the works. He sees people and animals as extraordinary art forms; his take on everyday life is filled with a Zen-like appreciation. Animals seem so common, but you rarely see them unless you go to the zoo, says Horton. Its almost as if theyre mythological, like dragons. Raccoons arent particularly unusual, but if you see one on the street youll still be surprised. Animals get that reaction from you. They’re untouchable.

He displays his artistic talents on various mediums such as canvas, paper, and wood using acrylics, house paints, ink, and sharpie pens—along with whatever is lying around and easily available to him. His detailed drawings stretch over painted canvases with text circulating throughout. Each work is filled with a multitude of layers for the eye to navigate.

Horton may like the therapeutic aspects of his work, but he isnt sure if he wants the world to know about them. In fact, he remains vague about his future plans. “I’ve been inspired by identifying with someone’s book or art, so if I can do that for someone with my work, thats cool,” he says. “But I don’t know how long I’ll be showing things. It’s kind of weird. Expressing your thoughts and feelings to people you don’t know is rough.”