Bones Develops Skatepark Wheel And Powell Releases Classic Graphics

Bones has released a new line of skatepark wheels, the SPF series. These wheels are designed specifically for smooth wood and concrete surfaces, and come in the Bones Gold Dot formula in 53, 55, and 60 mm sizes. Bones has also released a new Street Bones wheel in 50, 52, and 54 mm by 34 mm wide, and either 99A or 101A durometers. HardCore Bones wheels have a new multicolored graphic and are available in 52, 54, and 56 mm, and in 97A and 101A hardness in Bones’ Red Dot formula.

A Brigade trick-tip video is being planned for a September release. The video will contain eighteen different tricks, each Brigade team member instructing and demonstrating two tricks. In addition to the Mini Cab deck that is currently available, Brigade will be issuing a Mini Channita and a Mini Andy Mac deck.

Powell has released the new Voodoo Lounge series of decks, as well as a limited-edition Quicksilver-graphic deck, which features the classic graphic on a 36-inch wood deck. Powell plans to release more classic graphics as it approaches its twenty-fifth anniversary next year.