Check Out Mike Rosa

Check Out Mike Rosa
Age: 22
Home: Orlando, Florida
Sponsors: NC Clothing, DVS Shoe Company, Westside skate shop, Venture, FKD, Status skateboards

When I think of Mike Rosa, I imagine a slender chocolate manchild floating down millions of stairs with pillows on his feet, continually uttering the phrase, “Dude, yeah, man.” You may remember him from such bands as Rotten Carcass, and 407 Rep%. Time and time again, I hear of some crazy rumors that his drullet (dreadlock mullet) was caressing the foamy crest of some bodacious waves down south-the Deep South. Being part of the infamous “Fream Team” leaves this native East Coaster with time for little else in life but the finer things-namely sleeping and hanging out with that special lady we all love so much.-Mitch Kumstein