DVS Lends A Hand To Samoan Flood Victims

Hundreds Of Pairs Of Shoes And Clothing Shipped To Island Nation For Aid

The recent earthquakes in the South Pacific triggered tsunamis in Samoa and other island nations killing hundreds and leaving thousands of island residents homeless or displaced. In an effort to help those Samoans whose lives have been destroyed, DVS has sent hundreds of pairs of shoes and clothing items to local residents in the island nation's capital city of Apia.

Southern Samoa and American Samoa bore the brunt of the tsunami, which destroyed businesses, homes, power lines, and left many without clothing or shelter. "Its time to set aside our worries about our own economy here in the United States and focus on helping people who are in real and immediate need," says Podium Distribution VP Tim Gavin.

For more information on the tsunamis in the South Pacific and to find out how to help please visit the American Red Cross at redcross.org.