Gravis Twitter Tour

Gravis Footwear is pleased to announce that on February 6th and 7th ,we will be hitting the streets of Southern California to promote the launch of Arto Saari’s newest skate shoe, the Arto and Arto LX. The Gravis skateboard team including Arto Saari, Dylan Rieder, Sammy Winter, and Steve Forstner will be in attendance for this wicked little weekend excursion. Starting February 6th in San Diego and working their way up through the O.C. and greater L.A. areas, these pinnacle human beings will be hitting up shops and skate parks all the way up. The tour ends February 7th with a BBQ and skate jam in Los Angeles, which if like the past parties there, should prove to be an absolute epic time. Along the way you can follow the team’s movements on the infamous Twitter website.
Catch up with them at the different shops and skate parks to score yourself some free product or autographed posters, plus you’ll be able to witness the mad skills live and in person. So if you don’t have a Twitter account now is a good time to start one and make sure to follow Gravis Footwear at….See you all there!!! Tweet Tweet……