Natural Koncept’s High Class Creepin’ World Premiere in NYC and USA Summer Tour. Info below the wild-ass trailer:

tour flyer cities and dates - TWS

The world premiere of High Class Creepin’ is taking place in NYC Saturday July 19 at the Anthology Film Archives Theatre at 11 p.m.
24-days and 18 cities later the madness ends at FTC in San Francisco Aug 11.
Creepin’ all day .. Creepin’ all night … The illustrious Natty Kon crew spent the last 3 years in the streets, touring and exploring cities throughout the mainland, Hawaii, Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, and even Ukraine.
High Class Creepin’ is a raw skateboard film that features Medellin, Colombia’s Tal Cual, Hawaii’s Sean Reilly, Katch, and Chris Kays, New York City locals Adrian McElhaney, Cmart, and JZ Radical, Los Angeles’ Bob Gnarly, Santa Cruz’s Lai Wing and Denver’s Dave the Dave Davis and the one and only Fredericksburg, Virginia’s Brandon “Boner” Bonner.

dose caught up with JZ at his Brooklyn HQ here:

natural koncept high class creepin' tour poster