DC announces the launch of the DC 7Zine website today. The DC 7Zine allows visitors to experience a unique behind the scenes look at DC’s Skate Team, both on and off the job as a professional skater. Check it out now at http://www.dc7zine.com.

The DC7Zine is the go to place for exclusive interviews, videos, product reviews and shop profiles for DC key retailers. Visitors will also get a glimpse into the lives of the DC Team through segments highlighting Josh Kalis’ travels around the world, Ryan Smith’s love of bikes, and Lindsey Robertson’s culinary expertise, to name a few. And with the timeless archive from photographer Mike Blabac’s, skate fans of all kinds will find something for them.

“The DC 7Zine is tight,” said DC pro skater Josh Kalis.  “It gives a wide variety of avenues to see the more personal and comedic side to the DC team and friends.”

Visit http://www.dc7zine.com/watercooler/kalis-dc7zinecom-intro/ to check out Kalis giving a walk through of the site.

DC 7Zine.com will be updated daily and will be offered in two different versions.  A digital version that can be viewed at http://www.dc7zine.com and a printed version will available at select key DC Retailers quarterly.