The 2003 Cut and Paste Skateboarding Film Festival (CAPFF) makes its stop in Portland on Saturday June 28th at the Clinton Street Theater.  Now going on its third year, the festival continues its goal of providing an open forum for skateboarders and skate-related artists to showcase their filmmaking talents.

In an effort to promote skateboarding’s rich do-it-yourself (DIY) tradition, Cut and Paste rejects any commercial interests of any for-profit organization wishing to fund or sponsor the event.  This insures that the festival participants will not be subjected to ads, banners, or corporate promotions and allows complete creative freedom and celebrates the most important aspect of this event: the art itself.

 This year’s film program features a special showing of “Driftwood”, a psycho-geographical tour of London by Nick Relph and Oliver Payne. The crutch skating/dancing of Bill Shannon in DB Griffiths’s “The Art of Weightlessness” and Cheryl Dunn’s “Licking The Bowl” documenting Simparch’s wooden bowl project.  The rest of the film program will continue to showcase many more unpredictable and unbelievable skate related films that will leave the viewer in awe.

  The program will run at 7pm and 9pm on Saturday June 28th at the Clinton Street Theater.  For more information check the local listings or email or check .