15 Years Of Gonz and adidas Photo Show

Familiar faces from every era of skateboarding came together to check out the 15 Years of Gonz and adidas Photo Show at the HVWB Art + Design Gallery in Los Angeles last Friday. Brilliant photos depicting the skateboarding’s most influential shot by Joe Brook, Benjamin Deberdt, Brian Gaberman, Gabe Morford, Skin Phillips, and Sem Rubio kept viewers circling the space for hours. A hefty loop of Gonz footage was also projected behind the gallery to keep guests entertained in between conversions. To further celebrate their fifteen years together all guest were given Gonz + adidas tote bags with Gonz Sharpies, limited T-shirts, and a book featuring all photos on display that night. Hundreds of people where in attendance and those that could were out no complying in the streets the next day after taking in the inspiring show. Check out the video!

Words by Luke Callahan, photos by Skin Phillips and Allen Malone

Congrats to our Gonz Pay Day winner @suppositori_spelling who Instagrammed this photo from the event. Check out the #GonzPhotoPayDay page for more fan shots from the night!