2013 Skateboarding Hall Of Fame Induction

On May 9 the Skateboarding Hall of Fame held its fourth annual induction ceremony in Anaheim, California. I had no idea what I was invited to nor had a clue who was gonna be there besides Rodney Mullen. The ceremony was an experience I’ll never forget. The room was full of legendary people in skateboarding along with product and photography. One by one, inductees came onstage with the most interesting stories to share. From the guys at NHS, Devo, Wendy Bearer Bull, Brandon “Woody” Woodward, the original Sims riders, the inventer of the Ollie: Alan Gelfand to Rodney Mullen, Christian Hosoi, and many more. The ceremony was definitely very educational and I recommend everyone attend one in the future. I wanna thank the Skateboarding Hall of Fame for the memories and all the legendary skaters for their contributions to skateboarding. Lots of respect! I can’t wait to see who’ll be inducted in the future.

Words & photos by Seu Trinh