ABDarchives: El Toro

In this installment of the ABDarchives we look at tricks that have gone down the middle rail (now removed) and the stairs on the infamous 20 set beast known as El Toro. Many have attempted to huck themselves in hopes of achieving glory, but only a select handful have been able to roll away successfully in victory. The following entry includes 20 tricks that have been put down. By no means complete, this entry of the ABDarchives will be ever-expanding as more tricks are attempted in the future and as more are called out from the past.What other spots would you like to see entered in the ABDarchives?


Heath Kirchart, frontside lipslide. Birdhouse The End (’98)


Matt Mumford, frontside 50-50. TransWorld SKATEboarding The Reason (’99)


Matt Mumford, frontside Smith. TransWorld SKATEboarding The Reason (’99)


Arto Saari, frontside boardslide. éMenikmati (’00)


Tosh Townend, backside feeble. 411 Video Magazine Issue 44 (’01)