ABDarchives: Over a Picnic Table

UPDATE: We took your trick call-outs in the comments (and new table tricks that have gone down since this original post) and have this updated list. Anything we missed?

Original post from July 2014: Last Thursday we held our Cash On The Table contest presented by Kayo at Agenda in Long Beach, California. The judges handed out $100 to those who landed select ABDs and $200+ for any NBDs. Today we present the first entry of the ABDarchives which features a select list of tricks done over an schoolyard picnic table (from flat). This list of ABDs is by no means complete, and will be updated frequently, so feel free to call out and comment on any of your favorite tricks that you’d like see added to the list below. – Oswaldo Sanchez


Brad Cromer, kickflip footplant finger flip out. TWS Outliers. [’14]


Danny Hamaguchi, nollie 360 flip. Grizzly Griptape [’14]


Dylan Rieder, switch backside heelflip. Supreme Cherry [’14]

Brandon Biebel, nollie backside heelflip [’14] @brandonbiebel


Nick Tucker, switch frontside 360. Primitive Apparel Back To School Remix [’13]