Ambig’s MODERN ART Video Premier

Ambig’s new video “Modern Art” premiered last night at The Observatory in Santa Ana. Live performances by Audacity and Hindu Pirates warmed up and kept the party going. The videos A-grade footage had the crowd going wild. With skating at the caliber of many board and shoe company videos, the audience was especially shocked. Clive Dixon opened the video with super strong skating. Despite having full parts in other videos in the past year, JT Aultz, Sean Conover, and Moose had no problem filling their shared part with some heavy clips. Matt Bennett’s part was full of loose moves including those from his Roll Call in our June issue. Clint Walker closed the video and started the party with what will be one of the gnarliest parts of 2013.

Photos by Luke Callahan

Amazing skating, tight soundtrack, and stellar art direction. Here’s the trailer for Ambig’s “Modern Art”: