Today was the qualifiers for the first ever Nike Damn Am Huntington Beach at the US Open brought to you by Matador. Alec Majerus is a straight Terminator and qualified first. Alex Midler went off too, he’s one of the gnarliest little guys we’ve ever seen. Filipe Ortiz was on point, barely missing any tricks. Have a look at the gallery below—the list of tomorrow’s 16 finalists is posted under the gallery.

Photos by Shigeo
Here are your top 16 finalists that will compete tomorrow:
1: Alec Majerus
2: Auby Taylor
3: Dylan Witkin
4: Jon Cosentino
5: Oscar Meza
6: Filipe Ortiz
7: Luke Hampton
8: Carlos Ribeiro
9: Alex Midler
10: Blake Carpenter
11: Ryan Spencer
12: Paul Hart
13: Tom Karangelov
14: Trevor McClung
15: Trent McClung
16: Donovon Piscopo