Damn Am, Woodward West, Qualifier and Finals Photos

Started the day blessed and by blessed I mean Matt Fisher blessed us with a box full of Xclear Nasal spray for this dry desert weather. BLESSED!
Just filling some Bronson sponsor obligations when Ethan Demoulin spiced things up a bit with this Nosegrind over the hip.
Corner crew up in the house.
Nananana nananana!!!! Will Smith gets Jiggy with a Peter-Blunt Grind
Double Dog Down
Julian Christianson takin the Switch Crook escalator
Japanese crew up in the house!
Its time for the Crookulator, Matthew Pierre takes it upward.
Father/Son Pep talk.
This is a crazy one, 270 Crail Backlip; Kaito Sagawa
There were people there.
Bronson Speed Killer Winner Jonny Hernandez blasts a FS Flip to infinity and beyond.
And then there was even more people there..
Sora Negishi mid Hardflip before the smack down into grind.
Big-shout to Stevie our Medic for the weekend.
Winner of the last ever Hazard County Damn Am earlier this year guides a BS Overcrook to fakie.
Primetime Seating
Ivan Monteiro can skate tranny too.
Maurio McCoy takes a 180 Nosegrind there and brings it back.
High board breakage factor right before Finals, Alex Midler takes the chance with a KF Lip.
Midler qualified first for finals, Yeah!
This trick is rad, John Oskvarek with the Nollie bs 180 ss back 5-0.
Wether it's best trick or finals, Mike Piwowar has been makin a ripple in these contests lately; Switch 5050.
Kento Urano can Inward Heel anything but also has the Kicky Frontblunt and just about everything else too.
Lookin like a Crook but a bs 180 Nosegrind down, Marcos Montoya can do it all.
Christian Dufrene makes em take a step back with the Screetch of a BSTS.
Sora Negishi had this BS Noseblunt Slide on lock all weekend.
Flip in flip out king, Lucas Alves Kickin into a Noselide with possibly anything you can imagine out.
Somehow every dude can Front Blunt, Gage Boyle is one of em'
Midler still trying to focus that board with a Kickflip Board.
It's all in the catch, just a glimpse into Ivan's insane run.
Pop the shirt off after the run, its a Brazilian thing or maybe just a 100 degree day type of thing.
When you see Maurio in this formation he could be goin' anywhere, this time it's into a Noseblunt.
Lucas Alves, 5th Place. Not too Shabby!
Mannn can this Valley boy roll! Gage Boyle..4th Place!
1st place Qualifier and 3rd place finisher; Mr. Alex Midler!!
Overall Damn Am ruler Ivan Monteiro runs tings in 2nd place; Yeah Ivan!!
And your winner and now current Damn of the Year up-n-runner, Maurio McCoy!! Congratulations Maurio!!!!
Another one for the books! Thank you Woodward! Thank you Skateboarding! Thank you World!!!!! Until next time!