DGK ‘Parental Advisory’ Premiere Photos

Last night at The Avalon in Hollywood, DGK premiered its much-anticipated first ever full-length video. With cinematic intros and segues, and full parts from everyone on the team set to the best hip-hop soundtrack imaginable, Parental Advisory exceeded all expectations. We were blown away.
Before the night started, the whole DGK team was gifted custom DGK pinky rings made by Ben Baller, a perfect gift for the occasion. Inside, the Avalon was packed to the walls with people, with an open bar all night. Custom DGK skateboards and G-Shock watches were on display and there was even free food flowing around—proper premiere status!
After the crowd had time to recover from the onscreen destruction, Juicy J and Trinidad James performed onstage until last call. The ladies in the house didn’t hesitate to get onstage and shake their booties, making for some incredible Instagram moments. Parental Advisory is available today and will be out on iTunes this Friday, December 14. This video is everything you hoped it would be and more! Nice work, guys!

Photos by Shigeo and Blair