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The enjoi team went so HAM in China that I had tons of extra photos left even after doing a 16-page tour article (May issue) and saving some photos for interviews. There was even one day that every dude on the team got at least one mag worthy photo, we could have run an awesome article just from that one day! Here are a few that didn’t make it to print but are all gems in my eyes:

This is the same spot that Jimmy had a heelflip photo in the mag. Cairo found this gap just skating around and he and Jimmy traded blows on it. I was having to switch sides according to who I predicted was going to land their tricks first (always a roll of the dice). Cairo had the fire in his eye and the hoodie up so I knew it was go time. Kickflip.

Nothing better than a smooth marble landing to guarantee you’ll still have skin on your palms the next day. Sweet Lou takes advantage of the friendly terrain with a snappy frontside half Cab kickflip.

First spot of the trip and Nestor got right at it, Smith grind pop out on a smoothly breaking right hand wave.

Though it’s on the other side of the world, this rail has seen a lot of action from visiting pros in the past year or so. Thaynan Costa served it up with this tasty kickflip back Smith at the end of a line no doubt!

it was hard not to give Jimmy grief with his hair peroxided like this, it was akin to him walking around with a sign saying ‘kick me’ on his back. His nicknames ranged from ‘Bobo the Clown’ to ‘Billie Joe from Green Day’ to ‘It’ but my favorite was definitely ‘Simon Woodstock.’ At least he didn’t pull this nollie heelflip on a surfboard though. Love u Jim.

The full Cab will always hold a soft spot in my heart (thanks to Matt Hensley) it’s a move that you don’t see too often, or not done this well too often at least. Here Zack takes a backwards spin down a double stack with a slight puff of the cheeks

Thanks again to the enjoi bros for a hell of a trip, can’t wait to see Oververt!—Dave Chami

Enjoi China
Enjoi China
Enjoi China
Enjoi China
Enjoi China
Enjoi China

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