Go Skateboarding Day 2012: San Diego

Our Go Skateboarding Day shindig today went off without a hitch. Tons of homies came out to the Carmel Valley park and skated with the DC, Sk8mafia, and Pacific Drive teams. We hosted two different best trick contests—one over the hip, and the other on the rail. Tons of goodies from all the brands were given out and the kids were hyped! As the day winded down, Wes Kremer and Taylor Bingaman started heating up the twelve foot bowl with Wes nailing a frontside nosegrind pop in among other things and Taylor stalling proper frontside inverts for Skin and Blabac’s cameras. We’ll have the video recap up soon. Hope you all had a rad day! Check out all the GSD coverage from around the world. Check the video from Carmel Valley park.

Photos by Blair Alley and Skin Phillips