The Smiths
Inside The Smiths (DVD)
TiB Street Films

When you think about The Smiths, it’s rare that the names Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke come to mind. And after watching this film, things probably won’t change that much. The interviews in Inside The Smiths suggest that the rhythm section behind The Smiths were these two un-special guys that were lucky enough to be in a band that changed music forever. They simply reaffirm that Johnny Marr was a genius with eighteen years of ideas before he joined the band and Morrissey stood in the corner and hardly talked to them. Mike Joyce even says, “Yeah, I just sort of listened to what Johnny was doing and accented it. And Andy Rourke was addicted to heroin and was briefly kicked out of the band. Great.

The film doesn’t even make these guys look cool. They just seem like embarrassing dads. I wanted to know about the lawsuit they filed and won against Morrissey over royalties, to which Morrissey says, “Johnny left the band, but Mike ultimately destroyed it. Of course they denied that out of simple pleasure. All that was left with after watching this was that Andy Rourke deejays now and Mike Joyce has two cats.

So, if you want to be told one more time that Morrissey and Johnny Marr are relevant musical geniuses, you should flip this on. Otherwise you should just do something a bit more constructive with your time and skip this redundant DVD.—Jerry Hsu