Black Mountain
In The Future

Good music and my generation have yet to cross paths, with the exception of The Icarus Line that I hold so dearly to my ears. Music is in a stale stagnant image-driven state, much like the “reality television made up of “skateboarders. With so much crap out there, here comes a real band with real musicians making use of their instruments. It’s raw, dark, heavy, and has the sludge of Sabbath, tones of the Mamas And Papas, and an eeriness all their own. Track 3 sounds like a rain dance trying to make the clouds shower down whiskey to sanitize the cuts from the guitar riffs that leave you bleeding. Track 7, “Evil Ways, is my favorite—to me, it’s a mash of Iggy Pop headbutting the Velvet Underground while watching Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas.

I’m very excited to know that there are still people out there performing music like this and not letting hype perform them. In other words, Transworld ain’t getting this CD back.—Ragdoll