The King Of Fighters 2006

The King Of Fighters 2006

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PlayStation 2


OVERVIEW: The King Of Fighters 2006 is the long-running franchise’s maiden foray into 3-D fighting.
GAMEPLAY: Happily, the speed and personality of 2006‘s 2-D fighter counterparts remains intact—except now the pugilists can sidestep and roll in all directions. You’ve got about 40 classic fighters to pick from, including some cool secret characters like Hanzo Hattori from Samurai Shodown and Fio from Metal Slug. But don’t expect to whoop that ass online—only Japanese players can take advantage of network play.
GRAPHICS: The 3-D element is a nice addition, but 2006‘s graphics are only average. The textures on a handful of the fighters are far from supple—where their muscle may be abundant, their polygons are lacking.
SOUND: You can pick American or Japanese voice options.
ENTERTAINMENT: The King Of Fighters 2006 ain’t gonna bend the minds of seasoned fighting-philes, but the franchise’s new third dimension is worth your quarter.—Clay Staeshon