Jesse Erickson’s Rebarted Art Show

One of the Tilt Mode Army’s finest, ex-Maple am during the Black Cat era, former Santa Cruz team manager/film maker of the Guarte video, master ramp builder and digger of giant holes, Big Jesse Erickson, now has ‘bad-ass rebartist’ to add to his credits. Yeah, he’s rebarted; he makes art from bending and welding reinforcing steel bars. He started messing around with the idea a few years ago, and has gone ballistic making huge art pieces of shit, middle fingers, and toilets from bent rebar. He’s quickly mastered his craft and so it was fitting he have one of the first art shows in the newly opened Seeing Things Gallery in San Jose, California this past Saturday night. The space was filled with his rebar outlined pieces that cover some interesting subject matters from owls, swear words, upside-down crosses and dream catchers. Many of the area’s finest art appreciating-skaters like Louie Barletta, Jose Rojo, Daryl Angel, Peter Raffin, and Jason Adams were in attendance. Most of the rebart is pretty big, but if you look close it’s easy to appreciate the small details in the work. Jesse has always excelled in everything he does, and we’re glad he decided to be a rebartist. Now go watch Jesse’s part from Man Down then go buy his art before he gets too famous.—Erik Olsen

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