Kevin Romar’s Surprise Pro Party

Last night at Long Beach, California’s Red Room, all of Kevin’s teammates on Blind, KR3W, and Supra surprised him with his rookie pro boards. The place got packed early with eager homies taking advantage of the open bar and scoring the one-off shirts and coozies Blind and KR3W made. Four pro models for Kevin were up on the wall and his Supra Pro x Am collab he did with Terry Kennedy were on display as well. Chad Muska came in early and set up his turntables and was the DJ for the night! Finally, Kevin came in and the place went apeshit! I’ve never heard or seen a bar go completely mental for over 20 minutes non-stop like it did last night. Kevin was genuinely surprised—he had no idea this was going down.

Photos by Blair Alley

This morning on his Facebook page, he posted this:

Couldn’t have happened to a better guy. Congrats, Kevin!