Kimberley Diamond Cup Street Finals & Big Air Best Trick

You already know Nyjah Huston collected another oversize check today at the Kimberley Diamond Cup in South Africa. It said “One million” on it, but that’s in African Rand. It is about 100 grand US cash. The contest was a head-to-head, single elimination bracket, similar to the old Maloof NYC contest. The final heat was Nyjah Vs. Felipe Gustavo for four minutes on the entire course. Felipe showed signs of fatigue since he had to skate one more heat than Nyjah earlier in the afternoon. Nyjah was basically unbeatable regardless. He barely missed a trick on every rail and hubba on the course. At the end of the four-minute jam, Jorge Angel gave them each one more try, after time, to make one last trick for the crowd. Felipe nailed a switch kickflip backside tailslide down the marble hubba and then Nyjah got his backside 270 to nosebluntslide right after him. A perfect ending for the comp. Check the gallery below for highlights.

Backtracking a bit, the South Africa Am contest started the day. Stylish ripper Braxton Haine that you may remember from Friday’s gallery took it home. Next up was the Big Air best trick (the mini mega setup with best tricks being over the gap only). Jagger Eaton won with a no-grab 360 flip, and then a no-grab backside flip over the mini mega gap. Insane for such a young dude. Video coming soon!

Pro Street Finals Results & Cash Prizes

1. Nyjah Huston. $100,000
2.  Felipe Gustavo. $40,000
3.  Louie Lopez. $15,000
4.  Manny Santiago. $15,000
5.  Alec Majerus. $4,500
6. Trevor Colden. $4,500
7. Matt Berger. $4,500
8. Ryan Decenzo. $4,500
9. Micky Papa. $3,000
10. Evan Smith. $3,000
11. Yuri Facchini. $3,000
12. Tommy Fynn. $3,000

Words and photos by Blair Alley