Kimberley Diamond Cup: Street Practice and Hood To Hood Contest

Today in South Africa, the local crews battled it out in the Hood To Hood contest. The crew that won were called Scumbags! It was amazing and they ripped. The talent here has grown tremendously in the two years that the plaza has been here in Kimberley. After the Hood contest, vert was scheduled to go down, but due to strong wind gusts, it’s been postponed to tomorrow morning. So for the rest of the afternoon, the pros took to the course in practice mode. At sundown, local music and dancers took to the plaza in the opening ceremonies. A huge fireworks display went off and we called it a night. See you tomorrow! Don’t forget to watch live! Check out Nyjah, Trevor Colden, Alec Majerus, Felipe Gustavo, Manny Santiago, and more:

Words and photos by Blair Alley