King Of New York Photo Gallery & Extended Captions

With the release of Zoo York’s King Of New York, we got Zoo’s veteran photog, Sean Cronan, to give us the scoop behind some of the ill flicks he shot during the filming. Click on through to get a dose of that New York State of Mind and peep KONY again!

Photos and words by Sean Cronan

This was shot at the spot in Queens where Brandon did the frontside flip off the bump over the fence. This was our third day going to this spot to get the frontside flip. There were always tons of people bumbling around on the sidewalk, which made it a constant waiting game for Brandon to try the trick. This lady had this full sheet of plywood balanced on her cart, and was taking forever to get down the sidewalk, so Brandon offered to help her carry the plywood to the building on the end of the block. She only spoke Chinese though, so the building on the end of the block turned out to be five blocks away. He carried the plywood up a bunch of flights of stairs and into her apartment. It ended up being good karma though because he landed the frontside flip shortly after.