Last Words Marcus McBride

Last meal you ate: Spicy chicken wings, meat loaf, and mashed-potatoes.
Last board you broke: Mine.
Last person who inspired you: Tupac.
Last life-changing experience: Moving back to SF from Oakland, California.
Last CD you bought: Marvin Gaye.
Last gadget you bought: iPod.
Last board you set up: J.B. (Gillet) deck, Indy trucks, Gold wheels, Swiss bearings.
Last place you visited: Canc£n, Mexico.
Last movie you watched: Changing Lanes-Samuel Jackson’s a bad motherf-ker.
Last song you listened to: “You Wanna Die?” by Shyne.
Last time you thought you were gonna die: I don’t know, different shit always happens to me.
Last time you got into a fight: I don’t fight.
Last trick you filmed: Nollie nose manual nollie heel out.
Last time you felt out of place: In Canc£n.
Last video game you played: NBA 2K2.
Last trick you learned: Hardflip.
Last skate video you watched: Western Edition: Did It.
Last good advice you received: Just from friends-saying, “Don’t stop what you’re doing.”
Last good advice you gave someone: I told this kid to stay out of trouble and keep skating.
Last pair of shoes you bought: Nike Uptown, baby blue.
Last time you felt discouraged about skateboarding: Just when I’m unmotivated.
Last dream you had: I’m running from the police-always.
Last time you went to the hospital: Two years ago.
Last thing you watched on TV: Martin.
Last car you bought: Acura 2.5 TL.
Last time you hugged someone: Today, my girlfriend.