Red Bull Manny Mania 2012 Pro Contest

Joey Brezinski came in first today, as he’s known to do, at the Red Bull Manny Mania showdown in NYC. He got 10,000 dollars and nice new belt. The finals were close though, Sewa Kroetkov, Brandon Biebel, and Ronnie Creager (sick line up, right?) were nailing insane manuals left and right, and often at the same time. The crowd was roaring with each balancing act. Other standouts today were Austyn Gillette flying around the course—it really wasn’t big enough for him, and Torey Pudwill doing his video part tricks on the course’s ledges. Peep the gallery below and we’ll have our exclusive video up ASAP!

Photos by Blair Alley

Full Results:
1. Joey Brezinski

2. Sewa Kroetkov

3. Brandon Biebel

4. Ronnie Creager

5. Joao Pedro “JP” Dantas

6. Torey Pudwill

7. Eli Reed

8. Marty Murawski

9. Walker Ryan

10. Danny Falla

11. Alex Caronio

12. Joe Tookmanian

13. Austyn Gillette

14. Zered Bassett

15. Malcolm Watson

16. Kenny Hoyle

17. Ryan Decenzo

18. Bruno Ageuno

19. Derek Fukuhara

20. Andrew Cannon

21. Ron Deily

22. Richard Angelides

23. Steve Nesser

24. Ryan Gallant

25. Kenny Anderson

26. Danny Supa