Mouthing Off: Caswell Berry

Caswell is no stranger to deadlines of major videos. He’s been out in the streets of San Jose putting down last minute tricks right up until the filming deadline for Never Gets Old. Several years in the professional ranks has given Cas the refined and mature outlook on the state of skate videos that is always good to hear. Sidelined for a few weeks due to a freak stray cat bite that he thought might have been rabies, Caswell sat down and gave us his candid thoughts on this upcoming Osiris video and his plans for the end of the world.

Interview by Blair Alley

Frontside 360 ollie. Photo: Chami

How is filming going for this video?
Good. Last night was the last day of filming. I went out to get this last minute ollie, luckily it happened. Then we went to another spot and started getting rained on, so I guess that was the official, “You’re done.”

That’s it? Yesterday was the deadline?
Yeah, as far as I know, for the premiere copy. I think if we get some last minute tricks we can throw them in later. Jim (Kappel) said Sunday was the last day for filming.

Are you looking forward to the first major video edited by Jim Kappel?
Yeah, for sure man. Should be interesting.

You’ve known Jim for a long time, haven’t you?
Maybe a couple years actually. I know Jerry and Louie worked with him before when they used to ride for Osiris, so they’ve known him longer than I have.

Who have you been filming and skating with in San Jose?
The filmer I usually work with is Carson Lee. He was doing filming for enjoi for a while and now he’s freelance. I like to work with him. I like the way he films and I trust his opinion. Like if I ask him, “Do you think I got it?” And he tells me “yeah,” I totally believe him. I’ve worked with some people where they’re like “Yeah, you got it man!” They’re just saying that because they want to get the footage. It’s really comfortable working with Carson.
As far as who I’ve been skating with, mainly just Peter Raffin, he’s filming for the video too. It’s good when we team up and skate because we work with each other and give our thoughts. Like, “Well I don’t know if that would be good for the video. Maybe you wanna spice it up with this, or leave this out.”