Mouthing Off: Jamie Palmore

Jamie Palmore may be currently ailing from a torn meniscus, but you’d hardly know it. He was ripping lines around our skatepark this week with the Sk8mafia homies like it was any other day. But Jamie’s never been a complainer, hell he’s never been much of a talker. So we weren’t sure how this notoriously soft-spoken ripper would take to a taped interview. Big Red however sat down and openly discussed his knee, the nice seven-week cruise through Europe he went on this summer, his bros on Sweden’s Sweet Skateboards brand, and everything else we threw at him. So mellow out, click play on this, and find out what Eastern European countries have the most Sk8mafia fanatics and why Big Red Bearings are better than Swiss.

Interview by Blair Alley

Jamie Palmore by Blair Alley
A good ol’ rig bump boosts Jamie’s proper kickflip to new heights. Photo: Blair

So let’s start with your current state of injury/health.
I have a torn meniscus, my left knee.

But you’re still skating on it 100-percent? How are you skating on it?
No, I have to pick my battles. I have to keep it mellow.

Like today you’re cruising our park, but you wouldn’t jump down anything?
It depends how it feels. If it feels sketchy I’m not gonna jump down anything. Sometimes it feels pretty sturdy.

How’d you tear it?
Just f—king around. Just ollieing off this kicker and it just popped out.

Is that the same knee you hurt and had surgery on a couple years ago?
Yeah, two years ago I tore my ACL.

Was that fully healed, or did that have something to do with this new injury?
This is a different injury but me knee’s been pretty weak the whole time.

Was this most recent injury right after you got back from Europe?
It was actually the day before we left.

Yeah, and it popped out again pretty recently. I tore it two months ago, and it popped out five times on that (Europe) trip. A couple times stretching and a couple times skating.

How did you know it was torn, did you go see a doctor?
Yeah, I had an MRI.

Well how was Europe otherwise?
F—king amazing besides the fact I couldn’t really skate. I just chilled.

How long were you out there for?
Like seven weeks.

Where all did you go?
Started in Copenhagen, then drove up to Stockholm. Then took a ferry to Helsinki, then took another ferry to Estonia. Then we drove to Latvia, then drove to Poland, then down to Prague. Back up to Copenhagen, then up to Norway.