Mouthing Off: Jamie Palmore

Jamie Palmore
Multiple ollies lined up for this top-shelf lipslide. Photo: Fick

Had you been to a lot of those places before?
No, never.

What was your favorite?
That’s a hard one to pick. Copenhagen was sick. Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Poland were amazing.

Did one of those places surprise you by how many skaters they had or their skate scene?
Poland, they’re all about ‘Mafia. We went to this boat party and there were like girls throwing up the sign. It was awesome. I don’t have any photos though, I took like five photos on that trip.

The whole time were you traveling with the Sweet team?
Yeah, and the ‘Mafia dudes.

So are you done filming for the Osiris video then?
Pretty much. I want to go get something gnarly, but I can’t. I can’t really push it.

Since you’ve always had the first part in ‘Mafia videos, are you going to have the first part in Never Gets Old?
I have no idea. I don’t think my part is strong enough.

Who’s part are you looking forward to the most?
Everybody. I haven’t seen anything besides the tricks on trips. So it will be cool to see everybody’s parts.

Where did you go on filming trips for this video?
Stayed in Vegas for a month, went to China, up to San Jose a couple times, and Arizona.

What’s China like these days, for someone who’s never been.
It’s sick, man. For skating, it’s amazing. Everything is marble. It’s cheap.

Who do you room with on Osiris trips?
In China, I roomed with Jim Kappel, but on the other trips I usually room with Peter Raffin.

I heard Raffo has been coming through and turning it on in the ninth inning.
That’s what I heard too.