Mouthing Off: Jamie Palmore

jamie palmore
Frontside 180 to fakie five-0 on a ditch that is supremely difficult to skate. This is gnarly. Photo: Fick

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard Cuong [Lieng] say?
In China, he just came up to us like, “Dude, guys, I shit my pants, man. Gotta go back to the hotel and change.”

Sketchy Chinese cuisine?
Something, plus you gotta like shit in a hole.

When is the Sweet Mafia video coming out?
I don’t know, sometime next year. I haven’t heard a deadline or anything.

So have you been setting aside footage for that separate from the Osiris video this whole time?
Yeah, I’ve been trying. I didn’t really get any clips in Europe. Maybe two or three.

In the Sweet Mafia video, is everyone on Sk8mafia sharing a part with a dude on Sweet?

Who are you gonna share a part with?
I heard Gustav (Tonnesen).

Are the Big Red Bearings still on the market?
Yeah, I think so.

Why should the readers get Bid Red Bearings over another brand.
They’re faster than Swiss, they last longer than Swiss—some NASA shit.

What’s been your favorite series of Sk8mafia graphics?
The new one, the Hemiz.

Do you have a song picked out for the Osiris video?
Jim picked one for me. Some 90’s rap.

Do you listen to much rap?

Like who? Who have you been listening to lately?
I’ve just been bumpin’ Guru, like Jazzmatazz. Bumpin’ Del. Those are my two dudes. I met Del on one of the trips we were on.

After the Osiris video drops, are you just going full steam on the Sweet Mafia video?

When do you find out if you need knee surgery or not?
I asked my doctor what I should do, and he just said, “Go strong.”

So either just rip it or just skate on it?
He said if it keeps popping out we’ll do something. But in the meantime, just keep going for it.

That’s good advice.

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