Mouthing Off: JT Aultz

Ollie over to crooked grind in Las Vegas. Photo: Hainault

Where’d you travel for this video?
JT: China. It was pretty sick.
Jim: South America.
JT: Vegas. Some short trips around the States.
Jim: We rented the apartment in Vegas for a month.

Oh yeah, that’s where JT tried to die. You gonna go back to that rail and get that front board?
I thought about it, just because it pissed me off. It’d be kinda nice to get it.

You don’t want to lose another sense.
I’d like to think I wouldn’t be as unfortunate, but yeah.

You got a shoe coming out next year?
It’s gonna be like a year. Fall 13.

If Jim edits your part super good, does he get a free month’s rent?
Well, he’s already had a free year’s rent, so what’s another month [laughs]?

The JT Marty McFly edit by Jim Kappel

Is football mandatory every Sunday?
Yeah. Sometimes I’ll watch football and blow off skating [laughs]. I’ll find myself getting drunk at one in the afternoon and I’m like, what am I doing? But today was cool, ten o’clock game, go skate right after.

Is it hard to skate weekeday spots in San Diego?
It’s hard to skate any spots in San Diego. Today is Sunday and we just got kicked out.