JT gears up to get down. Photo: Shigeo

How’d you get your head around that ollie over to backside noseblunt-slide that’s in our last issue on that wood hubba?
I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time. I learned them on this skatepark hubba in L.A. Once I did a few on that, I was like, I gotta get it before somebody else does it. I had this hubba in L.A. I wanted to do it on, but Cuong talked me out of it. He said, “You gotta do it on the Encinitas one, it’s better.” It was harder, there’s no angle on that spot. It’s so narrow. I had to go back to it a few times to get it. I got it like two days before they put knobs on it.

Are we gonna see that trick in your part?
Yeah. I noticed in the next issue of TransWorld, the Contents was Vincent Alvarez doing one on an out ledge. That’s kinda crazy. I thought that was cool, it showed one going down, and one going out.

Jim: How many times do you think you tapped the nose of your board on the ground filming this part?
Is your OCD getting worse?
JT: I feel like it’s been better, until today, it got real bad. If I know it’s time-sensitive, like today I knew we were gonna get kicked out, so I try to hurry up the process and that turns into me doing some weird-ass shit. It’s kind of embarrassing. You guys have all witnessed it before.

Ollie over to backside noseblunt-slide. Photo: Shigeo

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