Mouthing Off: Lee Yankou

Next up in our series of Mouthing Off interviews leading up to the premiere of Osiris’ new film, Never Gets Old, is Canadian transplant Lee Yankou. Lee’s known for his mega pop and ability to get up on ledges and rails that just aren’t possible for your average skater—even pros for that matter. Originally from the Toronto area, and currently living in San Francisco, he’s been on a tear filming for two parts over the last year. His jaw-dropping Roll Call in our June 2012 issue saw Lee transitioning from finishing up the Think video and going full-bore into this all-HD Osiris project. Currently down in San Diego for a week to hit some Sk8mafia-approved spots, we took Lee out to a nice lunch at Pelly’s in Carlsbad accompanied by Osiris TM Cuong Lieng and marketing boss Jason Hainault for some bangin’ seafood, laughs, and this Q&A.

Interview by Blair Alley

Street crossbone. Photo: Chami

How’s the filming been going for the video?
It’s been good, I’ve been healthy and just trying to skate as much as possible. I’ve been in S.F. and now I’m down in San Diego. I finished filming for the Think video earlier this year.

Yeah, when did the Think video come out? In the Spring, right?
In April.

So you went straight into filming for this?
Yeah, I had some HD stuff filmed and the Think video was all VX, so all the HD stuff is going to Osiris.

Were you able to put stuff away for Osiris while you were filming for Think?
Yeah, all the stuff from the Osiris trips. We had a couple fun filming trips to Vegas and Arizona. Shout out to the homie George who showed us a good time and some good spots!

Who’s part are you looking forward to in the video the most?
I’m a big Duffman fan ever since That’s Life—and even before that. I’ve always been super psyched on him and can’t wait to see what he’s got and his song choice too.

How much of your part is going to be San Francisco footage versus other places?
There’s definitely gonna be some footage from the Vegas and Arizona trips, but there’s gonna be a lot of San Francisco stuff. Also some Portland (Oregon) footage from a little Think trip we did up there.

Who do you skate and film with up in S.F?
Pretty much just all the Think guys. Justin Carlson—homie, filmer, TM. Russ (Milligan), Josh (Matthews), Adrian (Williams)—whoever is in town, and Dan Z.

Frontside five-0. Photo: Chami

How long have you been living in S.F. now?
I’ve been going there for about five years, and officially living there with a visa for over a year now. I like that place. No disrespect to San Diego or L.A., but it’s an awesome city and it’s where I want to live.

Did you get any Canada footy for the vid?
I wish, but in the past year, I was only up there for ten days. It’d be awesome to have a Toronto trick in there for sure.

Do you have a good time down here in San Diego, staying with Cuong?
It’s an awesome time. Lots of laughin’ and dude, fun in the sun, man! If you’re out there skating, there’s not really too much more you can ask for.

You like skating San Diego?
I’ve been absolutely psyched on the spots we’ve skated so far. Anywhere you go, the new stuff is motivating because you can’t just go back to it next week. I’m super hyped on S.D. skating.