Mouthing Off: Lee Yankou

Have you gone out with the Sk8mafia since you’ve been here?
We linked up at the skatepark with Jamie (Palmore), Jimmy (Cao), Kellen (James), and saw Larelle (Gray). I love the ‘Mafia man. I just wanna see someone land a bangin’ trick and see them all throw up the ‘Mafia sign. And I wanna skate with (Peter) Smolik or Li’l B (Brandon Turner) man, that would be rad.

We kind of had a Smolik experience yesterday, I mean, he wasn’t there, but he was there in spirit.
Dude, Clairemont! I was psyched to skate a spot that Smolik has had some tricks on—some bangin’ ass tricks.

Kickflip stalefish in Clairemont for Smolik. Photo: Blair

How much longer do you have to film?
I guess the absolute deadline is the 20th of October. It’s creepin’ up, I guess this is crunch time.

Are you going for some crunch time tricks?
I’m trying not to put any pressure on myself. I’m just gonna go skate and if a cool spot comes my way, I’m just gonna go with the flow. If I like it, try to get something good.

Are there any classic San Diego spots you want to make your mark on?
I definitely want to skate some legendary spots that I’ve seen people skate throughout the years. I have a spot list, but I like to go there and see what’s working, throw out a couple tricks.

Do you have a song picked out for your part?
I guess we have a song. It’s by The Kabbs.

Oh, the homies! San Diego band.
San Diego skate rock, right? Yeah, The Kabbs.

Are you coming back down for the premiere?
I will be here.

What do you do up in S.F. when you’re not skating?
There’s lots of good stuff to do in S.F., I’ve been golfing a little bit. We do it on the budget—I probably shouldn’t talk about it, might be a little bit of rule breaking. I like to draw and get a little creative.

Jason Hainault: Being in S.F., you have to paint or sculpt something at some point to live there.
Especially in the Mission, I’m pretty sure it’s mandatory. I’m just trying to fit in.

JH: Have you succumbed to the fixed gear craze?
I think if I had one, I would die in the first week.

Die of embarrassment!
[Laughs] Yup.