Mouthing Off: Lee Yankou

What’s the difference in the skate spots that you find in S.F. versus San Diego?
Not too different. Like that spot yesterday, you could probably find something like that in San Francisco. The bank was a little bit crusty. I like to look at all the skate media, every little homie montage—especially in S.F. to try to steal their spots, man [laughs]. Get ideas, it’s hard if you’re staying in the same city to keep thinking up new spots you want to go skate.

How do you get around in S.F?
I don’t like taking BART, I normally bike, skateboard, or hop in the Think van. I got a random side story, someone is tagging our shit. There’s a “Think” tag right beside my garage, and then our van got hit with the exact same tag. It says like “Th” in brackets, and then “ink” after. I haven’t seen it anywhere else around the city.

There’s a graffiti writer in S.F. that writes Think?
It’s not that well done at all. I’m kind of curious about it. I wonder who would be doing it.

JH: Jake Nunn!
[Laughs] I don’t know but it’s funny either way.

What’s next for the Think team? That video was good.
We got the homie Josh Matthews coming out with a TransWorld part. I’m excited for the new TransWorld video!

Have you been sitting in on the editing of your part?
I haven’t seen anything yet.

Are you gonna come down before the premiere and give some input?
I’ll check it out now, maybe see a rough edit. I feel like, they’re the editors and the filmers—they’re not gonna make it look bad. I trust their opinion. Let Jim [Kappel] do what he do.

Cuong Lieng: Favorite Canadian skater?
I have to go with Appleyard, he’s from just outside of Toronto.

Crooked grind. Photo: Chami

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