Mouthing Off: Peter Raffin

Peter Raffin is one free-flowing dude. Living the life of leisure in San Jose, no international trips were needed to fill out his upcoming part in Osiris’ Never Gets Old. If the whim to jump on a two-week Creature trip arises, he’s on it, and John Lucero isn’t worried—after all, it’s just skating with friends. You might even catch Peter rocking a Sk8mafia deck in the streets. We caught up with Peter in San Diego, as he’s in town for the big premiere this Saturday. Get the downlow on his Osiris part, his next video part after this, and why mixing it up with other teams works for him.

Interview by Blair Alley

Peter Raffin
360 flip. Photo: Chami

How was the drive out yesterday?
The drive out?

Yeah, weren’t you on the road with the Creature guys yesterday?
Yeah. It was long and sloppy. Sloppy in a good way. We made it in around 5:00 p.m.

Where did you join up with them on that trip?
Started with them from Santa Cruz.

And you rode with them all the way out to New Mexico?
We drove from Santa Cruz to Arizona, then from Arizona to New Mex. We were there for almost ten days.

How’d you get on a Creature trip? Do you have a lot of friends on that team?
Yeah, there are some homies and I met some new people that are good friends now.

Was that your first time on a Creature trip?
Yeah, it was, and it was one of the best trips I’ve been on.

Well, it’s not better than Black Label trips is it?
Oh, I don’t know [laughs]. Just kidding. They’re different, you know what I mean? When the ‘Mafia came to San Jose, it was completely different from a Label trip and different from a Creature trip. People operate a lot differently.

Well that’s cool that your sponsors don’t trip out and let you cruise with whoever you want.
Well yeah, I’m psyched on that, but at the same time I do ride for OJ and Indy, so it’s kind of like the same thing in a way. All we’re doing is skating.

You used to ride a lot of Sk8mafia decks too, right?
Oh yeah, hell yeah. I gotta represent.