Mouthing Off: Peter Raffin

Peter Raffin
Backside nosegrind revert. Photo: Chami

How’d the filming go for this Osiris video?
It went okay. It had it’s ups and downs, as they always do.

Did you travel around a lot for this video? Where’d you do most of the filming?
San Jose. That’s pretty much it.

No international trips for you?
Nope, not for me. I wish.

A bunch of the other guys said you really turned it on at the end and got a lot of stuff on crunch-time. Did the pressure of a deadline help you get more tricks?
No, it’s more of the fact that I have to work twice as hard because I have to work on something else right after, so I might as well get into the mode of doing things. I got out of my shell and went out with Carson (Lee), like with your friends is pretty much the easiest thing to do. It wasn’t too bad, just a matter of coming out of your shell and doing what you have to do.

When you say coming out of your shell, what are you referring to—was it hard to get tricks or motivate?
Yeah, just a lot of shit—personal things that don’t really matter get stuck in the way of what’s happening in your life. You have to step back and realize that shit doesn’t really matter. You have to focus on what you have to do.

When did you finish filming for the video?
I filmed my last trick actually on the Creature trip. Jim wasn’t done editing JT’s part, so I still had time. I sent the clip over to Jim and he was like, “Alright, cool.”

Who’s part or parts are you looking forward to in this video?
I’ve been with Caswell for most of his part. Actually I just watched whole video right now [laughs].

How does it look?
It looks cool! I like it. There’s no gimmicks to it, it’s just a straight forward video. Short and sweet—what it needs to be.