Mouthing Off: Taylor Bingaman

Taylor Bingaman made the move down to San Diego from his hometown of Sacramento just a few short years ago, and it’s been smooth sailing. Since relocating to America’s Finest City, Taylor started riding for Osiris, lives by the beach with his beautiful girlfriend, and when he’s not slashing the ‘crete at Washington Street, he’s on the links fine-tuning his swing. Not a bad life for a young man. This interview took place on Monday night, October 29, as we just finished a fun Halloween session in the TWS park (the likes of which you’ll be seeing on Wednesday). Taylor came through dressed like a regular Ernie Els, and then sat down to answer these questions about the new Osiris video, Never Gets Old.

Interview by Blair Alley

Taylor Bingaman
Gap to nosegrind. Photo: Hainault

How is the filming for this video going?
It’s going good. We’re pretty much done now, unless it’s last minute bangers. It’s been fun.

Who’s footage are you looking forward to seeing?
I’ve already seen a few of the parts. I really like Caswell’s part, and Jamie P’s part is awesome.

Is this your first video part for Osiris?
Yeah, I guess it is. I’ve never even had an online part for them. Just little throwaway clips or whatever.

How long did you film for this video?
Ever since I got on really. There’re all these clips from trips, and then once Jim Kappel started working for them, we started filming all the time.

Did you film your whole part with Jim?
Yeah, probably 85-90 percent of it.

What cities did you film in? Is your part mostly San Diego?
Yeah, mostly San Diego. We went to Oregon once and Vegas. We went to China so there’s some China footage in there.

Did you like skating in China?
Yeah, the skating was amazing. It was definitely a different experience for sure. It was cool, the skating was awesome.

How much street versus tranny are we gonna see in your part?
I’d say this one has more street. I couldn’t tell you a ratio. There’re not really any good tranny parks down here except Washington Street. So my part is mostly street.

Who do you skate with when you’re home here in San Diego?
I’ll roll out with whoever really. I skate with Tom Grom a lot, and JT (Aultz), and all the ‘Mafia dudes.