Mouthing Off: Taylor Bingaman

Taylor Bingaman
Switch crooked grind. Photo: Blair

How’s life in Ocean Beach?

Are you still living there?
Yup, still livin’ in OB. It’s cool, it’s mellow. I think I’m trying to get out of there though. Escape the bum madness.

It’s getting worse and worse.
It is getting worse.

Where are you looking to move to next?
I don’t know. I really wanted to move to Denver. It’s pretty rad. I just went out there and I was super hyped on all the new parks and all the backyard bowls and stuff.

So you don’t think it would be hard to have a career as a pro skateboarder outside of California?
Yeah, that’s why I’m not moving out there [laughs].

That’s for after skateboarding?
I guess, I don’t know. I don’t really know where I want to move, that’s the problem. I want to move I just don’t know where.

Was making the move from Sac to San Diego a good decision?
Yeah, I’d say it was. It makes the whole skating thing a lot easier. Working with Osiris a lot easier. Everything is down here and LA is only two hours away. There’re always people to skate with there.

How often do you get back to Sac?
Quite a bit. I’d say every couple months I go home and see my parents for a couple days. I’ll be on a skate trip, going through and I’ll get to see them.

What do you do when you’re not skating? I know you like to play golf.
Yeah, play golf, I just got a road bike, so I’m getting into riding my bike around.

Is that like a mountain bike?
No, just like a Lance Armstrong bike.